Au Pair in London

Before taking the time to register, we would ask you to take a moment to check that:

The Pebbles Host family commitment

  1. Welcome your Au Pair as a member of the family and not treat them as an employee
  2. Provide unlimited and reliable internet access
  3. Give your Au Pair sufficient training, support and guidance as to how to carry out their duties well
  4. Help your Au Pair manage the children and support them when the children don’t listen to them
  5. Provide full board and lodging 24/7 with sufficient fresh food available including when you may be away for holidays/weekends
  6. To only ask your Au Pair to carry out light child related housework – they must not be the only person doing housework in the household and cannot replace a cleaner
  7. Pay your Au Pair on a weekly basis on the same day every week without them having to remind you
  8. Always pay the minimum required pocket money even if you have not needed your Au Pair to carry out as many hours as usual – they need a minimum amount of pocket money to live off
  9. Provide adequate accommodation – bedroom for sole use of your Au Pair, heated, in good condition with a door that closes properly. They must provide a bed and storage for your Au Pair’s clothes and belongings. The client agrees to not enter the room without your Au Pair’s permission.
  10. Allow your Au Pair time to attend language lessons during the week
  11. Give your Au Pair 2 full days off per week with no babysitting requirements on the days off
  12. Give your Au Pair one week’s paid holiday every 3 months as per the latest BAPAA recommendations
  13. Giving the Au Pair a written warning with detailed feedback of how to improve and a 7 day probation period prior to giving notice
  14. Give 2 weeks’ notice in case of termination and continue to pay your Au Pair as normal during this period.

Happy with all of those points? Let’s get started !

  • Register for free by completing our online form
  • Pebbles will contact you clarify your requirements and start the search
  • You will be asked to provide some photos of you, the children, the house, the Au Pair’s room

Choosing the right person to look after your children and live with your family is a very important decision. We understand you are busy and have optimised our process as much as possible. We do however ask you to provide us with as much detail as possible about your family, your children and your expectations. This is the a crucial part of the process and essential for the success of the placement.