So your Au Pair has just arrived, here’s our advice on how to welcome them into your home and ensure your au pair placement is off to a good start!

Show them around the house

Give them a tour of the house and show them all common spaces. This may include showing them how the appliances in the kitchen work, how to use the TV, and providing them with the wifi password. Show the Au Pair their bedroom and give them space to unpack.

Emergency Situations

Although its unlikely to happen, you should brief your Au Pair on what to do in the case of an emergency. Insure they know that 999 is how to contact emergency service, and when it should be called. Also give them practical advice on what to do in the case of smoke alarm or a fire alarm.

Important information

You should also give the Au Pair a list of important numbers. Ensure they know how to call them and practice entering them into their phone as they may need to enter a dialling code if using a French sim card.

House Keys

Give the Au Pair their keys and any codes they might need. Practice entering and leaving the house and ensure the Au Pair knows how to securely close the house. Check that the Au Pair knows if there’s any windows that need closing or anything that needs to be done before leaving the house.

Tour of the area

It’s a nice idea to take the Au Pair for a walk around the area. Show them where the school is and  their local bus or train stops as well as anything else that might be of interest to them.