Need after school childcare in London? Try a Demi-Pair !

Do you live in Fulham, Wimbledon, Putney, Clapham, South Kensington, or Balham or the surrounding areas? We are launching our new demi-pair program and you may be eligible!

With the changing Au Pair industry, lots of candidates are interested in short term placements only, Demi Pair is a great solution for affordable (free!!) childcare in London whilst enjoying a cultural exchange.

What’s a demi-pair?

It’s a young foreigner 18-21 who has a bit of experience with children, looking to come to London to learn English for a term.  They would go to school for half a day and help you for the other half.

Typically, they would either 2-4 hours of English lessons in a local school either from 9 am or in the afternoon from 2pm.  The Demi Pair would then be available to take care of your children either after school until you return from work or in the morning if you’re a stay at home parent with younger children.

The demi-pair option entails a 3 month stay with a family with all meals included, in exchange for 20 hours a week of childcare, light housework and basic cooking, plus one evening a week of babysitting. The demi-pair would have around 10-20 hours of English classes a week at a nearby language school, funded by themselves.

 The program is available with the school terms, September – December, January – April, and April – July.  Some candidates could do 2 terms.

Whilst you may have a preference for longer term candidates, the demi pair program offers a lot of advantages to host families

  • Free childcare! You will NOT pay the demi-pair for the 20 hours work.
  • During the launch period, the family will not pay an agency fee for your first demi-pair placement
  • You will receive 20 hours of help around the home, including French conversation with the children, childcare, light housework and some basic cooking, plus one evening a week of babysitting.
  • Your Demi Pair will be committed to learning English and completing her placement
  • It’s a great solution n the current climate, allowing you to find a solution for this September – the Demi Pairs are often available longer term and if things go well may extend with your family at no extra cost!
  • It’s a great solution for a family wishing to test the Au Pair solution for the first time without committing to a long term placement.

Who can apply for this great new free childcare solution !

  • You live in Fulham, Wimbledon, Putney, Clapham, South Kensington, or Balham or within easy access of one of our language schools
  • You can provide the demi-pair with an individual bedroom and all of their meals.
  • You do not require a driver, as driving will not be part of the demi-pair’s tasks.
  • You need 4 hours of childcare, 5 days a week. This can either be in the morning or the afternoon, to fit around the demi-pair’s language classes. (we are looking to extend this to longer hours in return for pocket money)
  • You are flexible in terms of dates.
  • You are keen to welcome a demi-pair into your family for 3 months and participate in a cultural exchange.
  • You may have older children who are interested in improving their French skills.
  • We would also expect the family to contribute towards the demi-pair’s travel costs to and from the school, which would be around £80 per month.
  • You will need to commit to hosting the demi-pair for the whole duration of their lessons   
  • You can provide a timetable allowing the demi pair to attend classes for half a day, 5 days a week in one of our schools 

What we will do:

  • Select suitable candidates and send them to you as soon as possible.
  • We will do our best to match your family with the most appropriate demi-pair, and then arrange the classes so that they fit around the demi-pair’s commitments to the children.
  • We will organise their language lessons with one of our partner schools and liaise with them to find an appropriate payment plan for the classes. 

What periods could interest you?
Autumn TermSpring TermSummer TermSummer HolidaysAny/other