If you would like your au pair to drive, you may want to consider if you definitely need a driver. It’s best to avoid asking your Au Pair to drive unless necessary. Even if your Au Pair is an experienced driver, there is always a risk, particularly as they are used to driving on the other side of the road. If a driver is preferable but not a necessity, we recommend you selecting having a driver as a preference, as opposed to being essential in the criteria of your choice. This will allow you to have a much wider variety of candidates.


Insuring your Au Pair

If you decide you do need a driver, the first thing you need to do is to contact your insurance company. Some policies will only allow you to add foreigners to their insurance policy if they meet certain conditions (e.g. minimum age). Host families are responsible for paying the insurance for the car with their insurance provider and adding the Au Pair to the policy.  An agreement can made if the Au Pair will be using the car for personal use, but that must be prearranged.

Note: If the Au Pair has an accident in the car, the host family is responsible for the damage / excess and your no claims bonus will be affected.  It is advised that you insure your no claims bonus.


Ensuring the Au Pair is a capable driver

Although we will send you a copy of the Au Pair’s driving licence, depending on the country, this will not always show if the person has had any previous convictions (for example points are not mentioned on driving licences in France). Even if an Au Pair passed their test several years ago, this does not guarantee their ability or experience. We therefore strongly recommend you pay for a minimum of one or two driving lessons for your Au Pair, or take them driving yourself. This will  help them adapt to driving on the left, get used to the family car and will allow you to have a professional opinion on their ability to drive.

We also recommend providing your Au Pair with a recent copy of the Highway code. You can buy one here.

Having your Au Pair properly oriented and trained for driving is important for their and your children’s safety – not to mention your peace of mind.



An Au Pair is not liable for any damage to the car regardless of the circumstances. They also cannot be held responsible for any excess (charges) on your insurance. This cannot therefore be deducted from the Au Pair’s pocket money.



If petrol is used by the Au Pair for work, then the host family will be responsible to pay for the car use.  If petrol is used by the Au Pair for personal use, then the Au Pair needs to pay.

Expectations on this must be discussed and agreed upon at the beginning of the Au Pair’s stay.