What is a Family Assistant?

As well as Au Pairs, Pebbles provides Family Assistant candidates. Family Assistants differ from Au Pairs as they do not have verified childcare experience. The they will still have a good profile and we will have verified two character references to ensure that they are honest, reliable and responsible.

We would recommend considering a family assistant in the following situations : 

  • A helping hand alongside a stay at home parent. You would train them and once you feel they’ve acquired enough experience, you may decide to leave them alone with your children (aged 2 and up). You may just have them work alongside you for the whole placement.
  • Families where the children are older and the role is more supervision of the children then taking care of them. If you just need someone to bring them home from school or a responsible adult present at home, this could be the right solution

All the other placement conditions are the same (hours, pocket money, duties etc). If you think a Family Assistant may be the solution for your family, get in touch now!