Hours and Pocket Money

Pebbles is a B.A.P.A.A. accredited agency and adheres to all their guidelines and recommendations.   

We have designed these guidelines in order to provide the best success rate possible, any variation from these guidelines may result in your guarantee period being invalidated.

Your Au Pair will be briefed according to these guidelines. If you feel these guidelines may not apply to your situation or you have any specific questions, please give us a call and we’ll see how we can help.

If you feel these guidelines may not apply to your situation or you have any specific questions, please give us a call and we will see how we can help.


Au Pair placement conditions

  • Tasks: Childcare and maximum of 5 hours child related of very light housework (per week).
  • 30 hours per week of childcare including babysitting.
  • Full board and lodging 7/7.
  • £100 (£120-£130+ in London) pocket money
  • 2 consecutive days off per week where they have no babysitting in the evenings. We strongly recommend offering this on the weekend so they can take advantage of their time off with the other Au Pairs.
  • We recommend that the host family contributes at least £20 per month towards language school costs
  • We recommend that the Au Pair is paid a completion bonus equivalent to at least 1 week’s pocket money


  • Au Pairs can work up to 7 hours a day maximum
  • Hours should be arranged so your Au Pair can attend language school at least once a week
  • Maximum 30 hours a week
  • Hours should be split into maximum 2 shifts – the time in between is free time and the Au Pair is free to use this as they wish

Mother’s helps / Nannies

Pebbles does not provide this service. 

Internet access

Au Pairs should be allowed internet access without limits during their free time.



2 evenings babysitting / week are included as part of the program. Additional pocket money should be paid for any extra evenings.

Au Pairs should not be asked to babysit on either of their two free days. If babysitting is not required, then these hours may not be transferred into the Au Pair’s daily routine.

Babysitting hours are evening time only when the parents are out. For extra babysitting, we recommend £5.00 per hour.

Leisure time:
The Au Pair’s schedule must provide sufficient time to attend language school, and the Au Pair shall receive two free days each week and should be offered one full weekend off per month.


Paid Holidays.
20 days paid holiday per year (1.66 days per month pro- rata). This should be paid if not taken

If the family goes away and leaves the Au Pair alone, they should provide food during their absence and normal pocket money should be paid. This can be deducted from their paid holiday allowance.


UK Public Holidays:
These are not included in the recommended holiday and Au Pairs can either be given the day off or have a day off in lieu on top of their holiday allowance.


Room and board:
The Au Pair receives full room and board from the family throughout the stay. The Au Pair must have her own private room with a window and not be required to share with children, and she should be given facilities to study. She should have sole access to her room and not be asked to vacate it should the family have guests.


Travelling Costs:
The Au Pair is required to pay their own travelling cost to and from the UK

Notice Period

The host family can terminate the arrangement by giving two weeks notice to the au pair. If they wish the au pair to leave before the end of the notice period the host family must pay for their two weeks pocket money plus  either  their B&B accommodation or flight home