Finding your next Au Pair with an agency

Whilst we understand that you are pressed for time, an Au Pair is an integral member of your family and having the right Au Pair is very important

Going through a mismatch due to incompatibility is time consuming and disheartening. Investing time in the selection process is a very effective of ensuring success! 


1. Prepare an irresistible application !

Take time filling in your form, this is what makes candidates accept or reject your family.

  • Give a detailed description of your family,
  • Describe the Au Pair’s role and how you will integrate them into your family.
  • Give full and accurate details about any domestic tasks (max 5 hours a week)
  • Describe mealtimes, will you eat dinner all together, what do you eat
  • Research the cost and location of any potential language schools
  • Describe the local area, the transport links, what she can do locally, any other Au Pairs
  • Provide 10-20 photos, these are REALLY important and make a big difference in whether Au Pairs will want to pass an interview with your family.**PEBBLES TOP TIP** Record a family video to introduce yourselves and life in your family !

2. Provide us with recommendations for your family !

Millennials will always look at the reviews before choosing to buy a product or service and it’s no different for a host family ! Families who provide feedback from previous Au Pairs or nannies are 5 times more likely to persuade an Au Pair to apply!

Ask your current or previous Au Pair to write a letter and include some photos about the time she has spent with your family and what it has entailed. (we can provide guidelines)

Provide us with as many references as possible to help your attract more candidates !

Want to reach as many candidates as possible? 

French au pairs in London
French au pairs in London

Ask your Au Pair to make a short video in their own language, talking about their Au Pair experience with your family that we can share with our candidates via social media, mail and our website. This direct feedback will make a huge impact on the number of applicants.  Ask us for the video guidelines!

3. Record a family video !

Introduce yourselves by video – show your home, the future bedroom, each family member can introduce themselves. We will then use this on our social media to promote your family !

4. Tell them how you will help your Au Pair learn English 

Your Au Pair is looking to learn English, how can you make this happen?

  • Look up lessons in the local area and provide details to the Au Pair
  • Consider supporting them financially, we recommend £20 a month minimum but you may wish to offer an end of term bonus if they’ve attended all lessons
  • Talk slowly to them during the interview and use simple language
  • Engage in conversation with them, find out about their day and give them an opportunity to practice, whilst this may require some patience at the start, seeing them improve will be a rewarding experience for you both.
  • Correct their English, explain things to them – even if you speak their language, do not revert to this to save time – they want to learn.

5. It’s their gap year ! How can you help them make the most of it?

Show them how they’ll have the opportunity to go out with your family and discover the local area.

Also make suggestions for what they could do on their weekends, is there a place nearby that you think they should visit? Or another city in the UK that they must go and see on a weekend? Make sure that they understand your local public transports and that they have the opportunity to explore. Remember the happier your Au Pair is, the better the experience will be for you both.

Help them get their national express or young person’s rail card. If you’re off to the countryside, take them with you. Help them plan a trip. Lend them a guide book.

Eg. We live near some great tourist attractions like Windsor Castle. We’re only 40 minutes on the train to central London, which costs £20 return. We will pay for one return tip to London per month so you can visit as much as possible!

6. Support their life outside of your house,

Whilst an Au Pair is their to support your family and make your life easier, take time to help them find a work life balance. Describe local activities they can sign up to – if they say the like horse-riding in their application, let them know there are local stables? Or if they love football, tell the m about some local teams they can go to see or even play for.

Tell them about any other local Au Pairs you know of who they can meet when they arrive.

If you live in a rural area, can they have the car during their free time? Do you cover petrol? This will help encourage applicants who are afraid of being isolated.

7. Au Pair is a cultural exchange not a job.

Candidates who choose the Au Pair program, do so because they want to lean about the culture, the way of life and discover the country.  Take some time to teach them about your country – the typical meals, traditions, customs,  things they must try/visit/experience.

It’s not an employer-employee relationship, where once the Au Pair finishes she disappears to her room – some lever of integration is expected, show them how you’ll offer them this in your application.

Eg :  You are free to join us on family activities on the weekend

By following these guidelines we are confident that your family will be successful both during the matching process and during the au pair placement itself.