So you’ve found the au pair for your family!

What should you do next?

Get the Au Pairs room ready

Aside from generally preparing and tidying the room here are some tips for what to include in the Au Pairs room.

Put some English books or magazines in the room, this will help the Au Pair to develop their English. If you have one, put a TV or DVD player in their room. This will also help an Au Pair’s English and give them something to do when they’ve finished working for the day. Put a desk and chair in the room, this gives the au pair space to work on what they learn in their English classes. Put an alarm clock in the room as you definitely don’t want them sleeping in past the school run!

A list of useful numbers

Au Pairs should be provided with a list of  telephone numbers of family members, who to contact in an emergency, as well as some taxi numbers in case they need them.

Guides to the local area

Giving the Au Pair some leaflets about the local area are useful. This may give them ideas for what they want to do on their free days.  Bus or train timetables and advice on how to get around are also helpful, and will help them to discover the area and settle in.

Local Language Schools

Researching local language schools in the area is a nice gesture to your Au Pair, showing that you support their goal of improving their English.


If your Au Pairs going to be driving, you will need to contact your car insurance to add them to your policy. We strongly advise you also arrange for them to have lessons or commit to taking them out driving yourself so they can adapt to driving on the other side of the road, driving your car and provide some peace of mind for both you and your Au Pair.

Home Insurance

You should add your Au Pair to your home insurance policy so they are covered.

Key and a Guide to your Home

Your Au Pair will need their own set of keys so they can access the house. Its also a good idea to write down some clear instructions for the house. For example if there’s a burglar alarm, the washing machine and more!

Time Table

When your Au Pair arrives its likely they will be a little overwhelmed. Writing down the timetable of your family and their duties will help keep things clear and simple. By clearly writing it out you can ensure your Au Pair wont get confused or forget something and this will also help to reduce the language barrier.

Local Au Pairs in the area

Looking into whether there are other Au Pairs in the area will help your Au Pair to make friends and help them settle. Asking friends or asking around at school or whether anyone else has an au pair can help to do this.

Brief your family

Its undeniable that welcome an Au Pair is a big change for a family. Therefore you should explain to your children what’s going on and why. Having the children respect the Au Pair is very important so they can look after your children well and ensure they stay safe. Its good to tell them that they shouldn’t go into the Au Pairs room unless they have the Au Pairs permission so it remains a private space

Finally arrange to pick up the Au Pair!

We advise our host families to pick the au pair up from their point of arrival in the UK. This helps the transition and ensures a warm welcome to the au pair.

If you need any more advice on how best to welcome your au pair don’t hesitate to contact us!