Think you’re the perfect host family? Try this quiz and see how you do!

  1. Do you respect your promises from the interview?
  1. Do you back up your Au Pair in front of the kids, and don’t undermine the Au Pair?
  1. Do you take an interest in the Au Pairs daily life, and help them progress in English?
  1. Do you communicate well with your Au Pair and avoid telling them things at the last minute?
  1. Do you always pay your au pair on time? 
  1. Do you clear up the mess made on the weekend by your au pair yourselves?
  1. Do you respect the agreed housework conditions?
  1. Is your au pair included on family activites and eat with the family?
  1. Do you generally have a clean home?
  1. Do you give positive feedback to your Au Pair?

How does your family do?