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  2. Pebbles will arrange a call with you to discuss your requirements with you before starting the search
  3. Once you have chosen your Au Pair who has confirmed they’d like to join your family, we will invoice you. 
  4. You can then choose the payment plan you prefer (see below)
  5. On receipt of payment, the final contract will be sent to your Au Pair for final confirmation and they can book their travel!
    If you don’t choose one of the Au Pairs we introduce you to, you don’t pay anything

OPTION 1 : Monthly payment plan

The monthly payment plan involves a one of set up fee due followed by monthly payments for the entire period that your family are hosting a Pebbles Au Pair. Any replacements are included in the monthly payments.

Set up Fee : £95

  • A set up fee of £95 for your first placement.
  • This is a one off non-refundable fee due on confirmation of your placement.
  • Should you decide to source a new Pebbles Au Pair having terminated your contract/monthly payments a new set up fee will be due.

Monthly Payments
The monthly payment for the first month will be debited with your set up fee.
Subsequent payments will be debited at monthly intervals from the second month for the duration of your time as a Pebbles host family. 

One off set up feeNon DriverDriver
£95£49 per month£55 per month

Replacement Policy

  • All replacements/new placements are included in the monthly payments.
  • Should any irreconcilable differences arise between the Au Pair and the host family at any point during the placement, Pebbles will contact both parties to understand what hasn’t worked out. We will then take this feedback into account to source a replacement for you according to your original criteria. 

Refund Policy

  • At the end of the placement, the monthly payments will stop on notifying the agency that the contract has been terminated. 
  • Please note there are no refunds possible with the monthly payment plan.
  • Any month started is due.
  • No refund is due for any gap between placements.

OPTION 2 : Pay in one go for London placements only

 Finder’s fee for a
ummer Au Pair
Placement fee for
a non-driver

Placement fee for
a driver
Areas availableLondon and big towns in the South EastLondon & surrounding towns only (<30 mins by train from centre)   London & surrounding towns only (<30 mins by train from centre) 
Duration of placementUnder 8 weeks in the summer holidaysAny duration Any duration 
Fee due on placement£175£495£545
Replacement conditions Finder’s fee for 1 placement, no replacements included 1 free replacement included if notice is given within the first 4 weeks by either party 
Refund Policy  No refund available

50% if notice given in first 2 weeks
25% if notice given in weeks 3 & 4
After 28 days, no refund will be possible. 

Replacement conditions
Should any irreconcilable differences arise in the first 4 weeks between the Au Pair and the host family, Pebbles will contact both parties to understand what hasn’t worked out. We will then take this feedback into account to source a replacement for you according to your original criteria. There will be no charge for this replacement if notice is given within the first 4 weeks.

Outside of the first 4 weeks a new finder’s fee is due.

Refund Policy
In the unlikely event that the agency is unable to provide the client with a suitable candidate as per the replacement policy, a partial refund may be given at the agency’s discretion. If the Au Pair placement breaks down and Pebbles are not able to introduce you to any suitable candidates meeting your original requirements

Terms and conditions (extract)
Download our complete terms and Conditions here

  • Pebbles reserves the right to refuse to source a replacement if they feel the host family have not respected the Pebbles Philosophy or the commitments detailed in our terms and conditions including treating the Au Pair with fairly and providing the agency with detailed information regarding the host family. 
  • As a host family, you must take time to ensure both the agency and any potential Au Pairs have a full understanding of what the placement entails, the necessary profile required and an accurate description of what life living with your family will be like including the Au Pair’s role in the family, the accommodation, location etc. 
  • It is the Client’s responsibility to ask all appropriate questions during the interview and to carry out any supplementary checks such as verifying details, documentation and references personally prior to confirming the placement should they feel it necessary.
  • The Client must ensure they are 100% sure of the suitability of the Child Carer prior to inviting them to join their family. Whilst the Agency will take all reasonable care to ensure the suitability of the candidate, it is the Client’s responsibility to satisfy him or herself before offering the position – the final decision to accept the Child Carer remains with the Client – who is best placed to judge the suitability of a Child Carer for their family & situation.The Agency does not offer any warranty as to the suitability, honesty, character or capability of the Child Carer. The Agency accepts no liability of any kind for any inconvenience, loss of or damage to property, or any loss or personal injury or death howsoever arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission of any applicant introduced by the Agency even if such an act or omission is negligent or fraudulent or reveals dishonesty. The client must ensure that their home contents insurance includes cover and public liability for an Au Pair.

All payments will taken via a credit/debit card. Bank transfer possible for the one off payments only. We are not able to process standing orders .