Choosing your Au Pair

How to ask the right questions and make the right decision

Whilst we are here to provide you with handpicked and vetted Au Pairs, ultimately the decision to take on a candidate is down to you, the host family. Only you know what will and won’t work in your family.

The success of a placement nearly always comes down to chemistry so we recommend you take the time to interview your Au Pair and exchange emails/photos/skype to see if it’s going to be a good fit.

Completing your application form 

We ask you to provide us with a maximum amount of information the first time you register with us. We need to know your basic requirements to select some suitable Au Pairs, but the best matches are made when we really know your family well.

We would like to know what kind of family you are – do you all eat together every evening or do you all tend to have separate activities? Are you sporty and active or more interested in culture, reading etc.

Are there any other important factors to take into consideration such as other adults living in your home, special needs, unusual dietary requirements, religions practiced at home. What will the Au Pair’s accommodation be like?

All this information will help us set the expectations of your future Au Pair.

Selecting a candidate

We will send you lots of information about each candidate. Please take a moment to read it thoroughly. Double check the criteria that are very important to you – Do they really love animals? How good is their English?

During your interview with potential Au Pairs via Skype/Webcam as this is almost as good as meeting them in person. You can see how they react to your questions, the children can get involved, and you can see their body language.

We will provide you with interview guidelines and can help you with Skype if you’re not used to using it.

Follow your instinct

Even if you’re not used to interviewing people, you can nearly always rely on your instinct. Make notes during the interview and see how you feel the next day when you have slept on it. It’s very likely you will have a strong feeling either way about a candidate which is often the right decision – if you feel something’s not right, it probably isn’t. We’re happy to talk through your interview and find out more information if you have any questions.