Yes but it’s complicated and a lengthy process. According to the BAPAA website : 

  • The Au Pair  should call Ofsted and tell them that they want to become registered under the voluntary Ofsted registration scheme for home-based childcare.
  • Ofsted will send form in the post.
  • The form must be filled in and returned with a valid First Aid Certificate.
  • Ofsted will carry out a police check (even if they already have a CRB).
  • If the person has lived in the UK for less than 5 years, then they will have to get a ‘good conduct letter/ certificate’ from their embassy which needs to be written in English or translated into English by an authorised translator. This depends on the country of origin of the Au Pair, so check with Ofsted first. Ofsted confirm that it is also acceptable for the Au Pair to get a police check from their country of origin and send it to Ofsted, but it must be an official document, on letter-headed paper, stamped and translated into English by an authorised translator.
  • Ofsted will then send through another form (called a verify form) that must be taken to the post office, together with a form of ID (eg passport) to verify their identity.
  • The application fee, currently £103, must be paid.
  • Annually, on the anniversary of the registration with Ofsted, the fee becomes payable again, as long as the Au Pair wants to remain Ofsted-registered.
  • The Au Pair also needs a childcare (or similar) qualification from their home country, or from the UK, which has to be equivalent to level 2, or the Au Pair must enrol on a Common Core Skills and Knowledge course, by contacting their local authority. Information about the eligibility of your qualification is available by contacting Children Work Force Development Council on 0113 244 63 11 or 0300 123 1033.
  • The Au Pair also needs personal public liability insurance – most households have insurance, but this will not necessarily cover the Au Pair if they have an accident.
  • The time take for registration is usually between 12 and 14 weeks; it often takes 6-8 weeks for the CRB to come back.

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