Can an Au Pair look after my baby ?
No – an Au Pair is not qualifed or experienced enough to be given sole charge of babies or children under 2. We recommend a more professionnal childcare solution such as a nanny, a childminder or a nursery.
How can an Au Pair help look after my baby or toddler?

In certain cases, an Au Pair can take care of children under 2.  If a baby/child is 6 months or older and the host family has trained the Au Pair and is confident that Au Pair is capable and can provide the care, then it is possible for the Au Pair to take care of the child for up to an hour in specific situations (see below).

This is also provided that the Au Pair is comfortable with providing care to this young age range. The host family should not ask the Au Pair to do any sole charge.

Situations where an Au Pair would be able to help:
One parent is working from home at all times and the Au Pair is babysitting in next room.

The Au Pair takes the baby/toddler to the childminder/nursery and brings them home.

Evening babysitting if the parents settle the baby before going out and are confident they’ll sleep through – parents should remain very local and able to return within 15 minutes.

Working alongside a qualified adult such as a nanny or a grandparent.


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